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Dee Gomes New Music Video "Life if the Party ft. RCG Melo"

Dee Gomes Drops New Video For Life of the Party Featuring RCG Melo!

After returning back to Rhode Island after another vacation on the west coast and opening for A Boogie at URI. Up and coming Artist Dee Gomes released a video for his new song featuring RCG Melo. With the continuous growth in the industry this is a video that listeners should check out. With the back- drop of an at home movie theater, it also sets the scene to a fun or “lit” summer.

With getting thousands of views with his video Troops and getting noticed with many within the industry, this video is on the same path of success. There are many ways that you can be the life of a party but in the video Dee was for sure it, but shared a great time with close friends. Not only is the video creative but the song is worth a listen. Check out both with the link below.

(Directed By: Alex Sandoval) @Loadinngg Styled By: @Jheistyles Dee Gomes - Life of The Party Stream TRUE COLORS on Spotify: Follow Dee Gomes: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Follow RCG Melo: Instagram:
Zach Bowman Talks Art, Goals and More...

Q: What is your favorite medium to work with, watercolor, colored pencil, pastels, etc.?

A: Oil paints because they have a luminescent quality that just beats all other mediums.

Q: What do you prefer to make your pieces on? People or nature?

A: People. People are familiar and relatable. Also there is such a magic in being able to “capture” the essence of a fellow human beings.

Q: When did you realize that art was going to be a big part of your life?

A:Ever since i was little I was exposed to art. My mom is an art teacher and had hundreds of students taking classes, at my house growing up. Frankly, art was unavoidable.  

Q: What is one of your favorite pieces that you have created?

A:I honestly have had so much fun in painting scenes from the Oregon coast and my aquastition series.

Q: What is one of your biggest inspirations?

A: One of my biggest inspirations, let me think…..

Honestly, I am inspired by light. All of my favorite painters (John Singer- Sargent, Caravaggio and Vermeer)

use chiaroscuro as their main method to communicate ideas and strengthen their compositions.

Q: What is one thing that you struggle with, with your career?

A: I struggle with balancing the work I do and promoting my artwork. As an artist it is of course important to get a body of work completed in a timely manner. With  promoting myself, finding venues and events to participate in, is more feasible.

Q: What is something that you would want the public to know about your art?

A: I want the public to know that most of all of my painting that i do for shows are inspired by day and night, that I have. I often see images in my head following times of confusion, frustration, and a lot of prayers.

Q: What is something that you would want the public to know about yourself?

A: I have taught art classes now for ten years. Through teaching, I have learned the value of each person. Every human being has a beautiful spirit that has potential to create beauty. I find some of my greatest joy in meeting people of different cultures, religion, and ages because each time I do, I feel like I get a small taste of something greater.

Q: What is one long term goal and short term goal you have?

A: One of my major goals includes having my artwork displayed in all the places that my family lives in so I can visit them more often, because to me, family everything. A short term goal that I have is that, I would honestly love to start teaching workshops around the country.

Getting to Know Dymond
Design by Dymond (@dymondsart)

Design by Dymond (@dymondsart)

Q: When did you know art was going to be a big part of your life?

A: I used to draw and paint my whole childhood. I used to cry and cry because I couldn’t do as good as I wanted to. I actually didn’t start to know that art was going to be a big part of my life till I was about 15, because that’s when I started to be good at it.

Q: Who is your all time favorite artist? Why?

A: My all time favorite artist would have to be Salvador Dali, at the moment, I have different choices of artists at times!

Q:  What is your preferred medium to work with?

A: My preferred medium to work with would be acrylic paint when painting and a led pencil when drawing.

Q: Have you used your art to comment on any social or political issues, if so how?

A: No, I have not.

Q: As an artist how do you seek out new opportunities?

A: I would like to learn new ways to seek opportunities. As of right now the opportunities are slowly finding me.

Q:  What is your favorite piece you created and why?

A: My favorite piece that I’ve created was Freddy Krueger!  

Q: Do you have a new project coming along? What is something you can tell the public about it?

A: Actually, I have a line of paintings that I plan on creating. It’s going to be girls from cartoons, but I’m not going to spoil it.

Q: What is a long term goal with your career?

A: The long term goal I have for my art career would be to keep selling art on the side and hopefully become full time with it one day!

Q: What do you like about A.L.I.E.N Entertainment?

A: I don’t know too much about them yet, but their apparel is really dope.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: My favorite colors are: pink, blue, purple, black, white, and “Tiffany” teal.